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We had our event called ‘A Sweet Chance’ held on August 8th. A Sweet Chance is an event that we gave our girls  to experience an unforgettable quinces or sweet sixteen. The girls were able to dress up in the perfect gowns, have their makeup done, their hair styled, everything they could dream up. The girls were able to have their nails done as well by creations beauty lounge and glamurs by dolly. They brought all the equipment to our office and set up shop for the day. They were photographed in a beautiful venue with many different poses. The photo shoot was at The Coral Gables Country Club. After the photography session, an  escalade limo, sponsored from The American Transportation Limo picked them up to bring them to The Miami Springs Country Club for an after party held by Enrique Santos (a well known radio DJ from Tu 94.9) and iHeart Media. The party took place between 6:00-9:00 PM with dinner and dance. Dinner was provided by Chez Joseito and decorations by divinelysocial.