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Foster Care Program

Foster Care ProgramWhat is the Foster Care Program: A Foster Parent is a special and deeply caring person who has decided to provide care to a child or adolescent whose parent(s) are unwilling or unable to care for them on a temporary basis. Foster Parents attend an extensive training by Our Kids and need to meet certain standards that have been outlined by the Department of Children and Families.

How to Become a Foster Parent: Being a Foster Parent is perhaps the most difficult and most rewarding of all volunteer positions. It involves hard work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Not only does it involve parenting children who have suffered traumas and losses, it requires working with Family Resource Center, schools, medical facilities, the birth family and all necessary resources for the child.

Individuals interested in becoming a Foster Parent must be 21 years or older; be financially self-supporting; and also include fingerprinting for Federal, State and Local background and abuse records checks. The licensing process requires a minimum of 21 hours of Training, a Health and Safety Inspection of your home and a Home Study Assessment of your family. The background screening, training classes and process to become licensed are all free of charge.

What can a Foster Parent do for Our Children: The Foster Parent’s consistency, dependability, and honesty will have the most positive influence on the foster child’s adjustment to their new situation. Foster homes should provide the child(ren) with a loving and accepting home without trying to replace their birth parent(s); provide a sense of self worth and self-esteem through a normal family life; give them daily care, help and guidance; and provide them with positive values and experiences that they will take with them wherever they go.

If you are ready to accept a child into your family and to give that child the love, care, and commitment they need, please contact   305-455-6063 (Ileana Albrecht) at Our Kids