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Executive Director

Oren Wunderman, Ph.D.

Oren Wunderman, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of the Family Resource Center of South Florida (FRC).  Having begun working at FRC in March 1995 as a Director of a division of FRC, Dr. Wunderman was promoted to the position of C.E.O. in June 1999.  Applying skills and knowledge that he learned from more than 35 years of working in Child Welfare Centers, Community Mental Health Centers, private practice settings and educational settings,  Dr. Wunderman oversees the administrative, programmatic, clinical, fiscal, fund-raising and personnel matters that arise from day-to-day at FRC.Dr. Wunderman attributes much of the success of the agency to these core service principles, which he articulates to the staff over the years:

  • Treat and regard your clients with respect, humility and dignity.  But for the Grace of God, or, if you are not a deist, the fortuity of random happenstance, you could be one of those abused, neglected, abandoned or troubled children that we serve, or you could be one of the dysfunctional parents that we serve.
  • Work as a team with your co-workers and with other professionals and para-professionals in the community who are sharing the case with you.
  • In each day, distinguish yourself as an outstandingly dedicated and competent professional and as an invaluable asset to FRC.
  • Make Professional Development and Personal Growth goals in your work at FRC.

Dr. Wunderman feels that the following management principles help the staff of FRC perform well, maintain a high morale and flourish:

  • Always praise in public and criticize in private.
  • Give praise in no more than one minute.
  • Give a reprimand in no more than one minute
  • Goal-set with employees in a realistic and respectful manner.
  • Invite the staff to be part of the investigative team in diagnosing  programmatic or clinical problems.
  • Invite the staff to be part of the brain-storming team in establishing solutions to programmatic or clinical problems.

Dr. Wunderman obtained his Bachelor’s degree (Psychology Major), Master’s degree (Community Counseling Major) and Doctoral degree (Counseling Psychology major) from the University of Miami.  He is licensed in the State of Florida as a Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist.  He earned a professional certificate in “Quality Healthcare Management” from the School of Business at Florida International University.

Chief Financial Officer

Kim Sprouse

Kim Sprouse joined Family Resource Center in January 2003 as an Accounts Receivable/Payroll Clerk. Kim was promoted to the position of Controller in 2007, after serving for two years as the Staff Accountant, and was again promoted to CFO in 2016. Prior to joining Family Resource Center, Kim spent four years as a Financial Analyst in the for-profit sector at Allied Automotive Group in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has prior experience in Member Billing at The Ocean Reef Club. Kim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Florida International University.

                                          Director of Full Case Management

Karen Sanchez



Gilianne FrancoisDirector of Human Resources and Compliance

Gilianne François, MHRM & MBML

Gilianne Francois joined Family Resource Center in June of 2007 as a Full Case Manager.  She was promoted to the position of Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Specialist in 2011 and was again promoted to Director of Human Resources and Compliance in 2015.  Gilianne has over 10 years of experience protecting the abused, neglected, and abandoned children of South Florida.  Gilianne attended the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She continued her studies and earned a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Business Management.  She is a native of Haiti and hopes to see a better tomorrow for her country

Clinical Director

Tahira Kassam, L.M.H.C.

Tahira Kassam joined Family Resource Center in May of 2010 as a volunteer. She started working as a full time therapist in December of 2011 and was promoted to Clinical Director in 2016. Tahira attended the University of Miami and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2007. She went on to earn her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2010. Tahira is a certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and has 8 years of experience working with children and young adults.

                                           Staff Attorney

Kim Shafor

Kimberly Shafor, Esq.

Staff Attorney  

Jennifer Sabin Ley-Soto, Esq.

Jennifer Sabin joined Family Resource Center in September 2010 as a Staff Attorney and Permanency Specialist. Jennifer facilitates permanency staffings and works closely with the agency’s case managers, clinical department, and directors to ensure that the children we serve reach permanency in a timely manner. When necessary, Jennifer attends court and mediations with FRC Case Managers advocating for positions taken by FRC in those cases that are high-profile or legally complex. Prior to joining Family Resource Center, Jennifer was employed for 6 years with the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) as a Lead Attorney, representing the State in Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights cases. She began her legal career in 2003, working with Legal Services of North Florida, providing free legal representation to low-income people with civil legal issues ranging from Family Law and Dependency to Tax and Bankruptcy. While with Legal Services she also provided outreach services to the Spanish speaking, low income and migrant community in North Florida. Jennifer attended Florida International University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in International Relations and a Certificate for Latin American and Caribbean Studies in 2000. She earned her Juris Doctor degree from Florida State College of Law in 2004.

Staff Attorney

Marcia Neverusky, Esq.

                                         Director of QA and QI

Yissel Fernandez


Full Case Management Supervisors
Unit 846

Elizabeth Anthony

KevinDuffUnit 880

Kevin Duff, CWCM

Drug Court Supervisor (Unit 857)

Jamie Jenkins

Unit 865

Rhonda Davis

Unit 848

Leiseann Mentis

Carmen Alegria-RomeroUnit 861

Carmen Alegria

Unit 864

Shantavia Davis

Unit 879

Candace Jackson


KiskaUnit 860

Kiska Sanders

KimyaDrug Court Supervisor (Unit 855)

Kimya Toomer

Unit 867

Lakima Jackson-Smith


Alicia Proff

ClintonUnit 877

Clinton Davis