Clinical Director



This is a highly responsible, senior management position that involves the overall monitoring and supervising of the clinical services provided by this agency.  This Director shall conduct regular clinical supervision with each of the clinicians in the agency.  This Director shall ensure that clinical services are being provided in a timely, thorough and clinically appropriate manner.  Additionally, clinical records shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that services are being documented in a timely, through and accurate manner.  This Director shall work closely with the Director of Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement to ensure that the service delivery and documentation are appropriate and that the clinical staff receives timely and relevant in-service training.



  • A minimum of a Master’s degree, or its equivalent, is required.
  • Master’s Degree/Licensed by the State of Florida in Social Work or related field
  • Three years’ experience in providing mental health services and at least three years providing supervision concerning the provision of counseling services and administration.
  • Knowledge about standards set by JCAHO, Medicaid and TANF preferred, but not necessary.



  • Ability to work as a team member and have good management, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions and be flexible in relation to department needs.
  • Proficiency in Communication & Written skills.
  • Knowledge of accreditation standards and regulatory body rules and regulations.


Specific Areas of Responsibility to Position:

  1. Conducts weekly individual and group clinical supervision with the clinical staff.
  2. Ensures that clinical services are being provided in a highly competent, ethical, thorough and timely manner.
  3. Inspects clinical records on a regular basis.
  4. Ensures that the clinical documentation is done in an accurate, thorough and timely manner.
  5. Assists in ensuring that the services provided are coded appropriately, according to the relevant funder.
  6. Ensures that services are provided, documented and invoiced according to the relevant standards established by JCAHO, Medicaid, TANF, Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc, Department of Children and Families, and other funding sources, as necessary.
  7. Reviews and signs timesheets to ensure that clinical staff is utilizing its time in an appropriate and efficient manner.
  8. Works closely with the Director of Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner in accordance with the highest ethical standards and practice standards of the mental health profession.
  9. Prepares or assists in preparing relevant monthly, quarterly and annual service performance reports.
  10. Works closely with the Director of QA/QI to ensure that a quality in-service training program is provided to the clinical staff on a monthly basis. Assists in documenting attendance at said meetings.
  11. Attends relevant FRC senior staff meeting and attends relevant community meetings to represent the agency.
  12. Interviews for new clinical staff if/when vacancies become available and makes hire recommendations.
  13. Evaluates, and, if necessary disciplines clinical staff, as needed. Makes recommendations for disciplinary action, as necessary.
  14. Remains accessible to the clinical staff on a “24/7 basis” in case consultations are needed for emergency issues.
  15. Develops supervisory forms, in conjunction with the Director of QI/QA, on an as-needed basis.
  16. Contributes to the understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity within the agency and the community.
  17. Utilizes agency resources in a fiscally conservative manner.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


Please email résume to with the following subject line: Clinical Director – Applicant Name.