Court Liaison 

Family Resource Center of South Florida, Inc. – Miami, FL


Job Description


  • The Court Liaison will attend most court hearings for Full Case Management (FCM) and the Court Liaison will report the services that the Family Resource Center (FRC) is providing to the family and status of services/compliance by the parents in FRC cases. The Court Liaison will be expected to convey all the necessary information about a case, received by the Case Manager, to the court and parties. The Court Liaison will represent the “face of FRC” in his/her assigned courtroom. Therefore, he/she will be expected to dress in a professional fashion and use proper court etiquette at all times.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • At least one year experience with children and families at risk, or related field experience preferred.


  • Must be able to provide articulate and accurate answers when responding to questions from the Judiciary during court hearings.
  • Must be highly efficient with time management and on time for all court hearings.
  • Must be a good listener and be able to take accurate and detailed court notes.
  • Must be willing and able to work well with others and cooperate in all aspects of the Case Management Program.
  • Must be willing and able to cooperate in the sharing of resources and to obtain excellence in the final work product.
  • Must be able to follow up when information or documentation is needed both in court and out of court.
  • Must be able to comprehend information provided by case management as to their specific case and then accurately provide this information to the court and parties during the court hearing.
  • Must be willing to develop positive professional relationships with the court staff and judiciary.

Specific Areas of Responsibility to Position:

  • The Court Liaison is required to attend all set court hearings in his/her assigned division(s) and prepare court memos for each case set for hearing that day. The Court liaison will also be responsible for assuring the Case Managers know of their next court hearing date by emailing the completed Court Memo back to the assigned Case Manager and Supervisor within 24 hours of the hearing. If there is a problematic issue that needs immediate attention, the Court Liaison will provide this information by email to the Case Manager and Supervisor while still in court if times permits or immediately after the court session is over.
  • The court liaison will be responsible for requesting court orders from the Children’s Legal Services (CLS) attorney when they are not provided timely to the agency. The Court Liaison is also responsible for escalating to the specific Supervisor at CLS if the orders are not provided by the assigned CLS attorney in a timely manner.
  • The Court Liaison will be responsible for keeping track of the hearing dates in his/her assigned divisions so that he/she is able to ascertain when a case is next set in court. The Court Liaison will be responsible in keeping a master calendar of all hearings in his/her assigned divisions in Outlook.
  • The Court Liaison will be responsible for setting up days and times for weekly staffings with the Case Managers so they are prepared for upcoming court hearings. The Court Liaison will get conformed, stamped copies of all case plans set on calendar each court session and provide these to the Case Managers once back at the office.
  • The Court Liaison will be expected to always be on time to his/her court sessions. Court Liaisons will be expected to dress professionally and use proper court etiquette at all times as they will be the main “face of FRC” in their assigned court room(s). The Court Liaison will be expected to know very well the cases that he/she presents in court. Thus, the Court Liaison will need to be able to answer questions about the case that pertain to the reason the case is set on calendar. For example: If a case is set for a case plan, then the Court Liaison will be expected to tell the court about the case plan tasks and the compliance of the parent(s). The Court Liaison will be expected to provide accurate information to the court at all times. If the Court Liaison does not know the answer to the court’s questions, the Court Liaison is expected to write down the questions and then follow up promptly and get the answers from Case Management staff. The Court Liaison is expected to let the court know he/she will follow up with Case Management and provide the needed information back to the court within a time frame acceptable to the court.
  • The Court Liaison is expected to be very organized and should be very articulate when speaking in court and have a strong court presence. The Court Liaison is expected to provide all relevant information from the court hearing back to the Case Manager so that the Case Manager can be prepared for the next court hearing. All relevant information and orders from the Judge are expected to be included in the written court memo the Court Liaison prepares and sends to the Case Manager and Supervisor so Case Management knows exactly what was ordered and will be expected for the next court hearing.
  • Assists Case Managers in completing documents as needed.
  • Must be able to use all State and FRC Databases with a high degree of expertise and efficiency.
  • The Court Liaison is expected to have a reliable vehicle and have appropriate auto insurance in the event that it becomes necessary to transport a client to or from the courtroom.
  • Completes timely all assignments as requested by Full Case Management Supervisors and/or Administrators and/or FRC Attorneys.

Job Type: Full-time

Please send resume to Subject line: Certified Full Case Manager Position – Applicant Name