“What We Have Done For Ourselves Alone Dies With Us; What We Have Done For Others And The World Remains And Is Immortal….” -Albert Pike


willWhen thinking about making a will, most of us will want to provide for our families and loved ones into the future. But as well as looking after those we care about most it is also worth considering leaving a gift to your favorite charity or cause, so that you can make a difference in the lives of others.

What your gift will mean to the people we help

Leaving a legacy gift in your will is unlike any other gift you can give to the agency, as it is like leaving a part of yourself in our care. It means that we can make plans for projects well into the future, projects that will make a long-lasting and significant difference to those that we support.

How to leave a legacy gift

To plan for your future giving, please ask your attorney’s advice on putting an additional codicil onto your existing will. If you have yet to make a will please contact us to get advice on leaving a legacy gift. Click here to learn about several ways to make a gift that can meet your needs.

We understand that deciding to leave a gift in your will is a very personal and private matter and, for that reason, we ensure you that we will act in the strictest of confidence.

Contact fundraising at 305-960-5525 or email Melissa, mchiu@frcflorida.org for further information.