What is the Substance Abuse Program: This program is an outpatient program which provides both group and individual therapy. The program is licensed by the Department of Children and Families. Each client works with his/her therapist to develop an individualized treatment plan that serves as a guide for the services to be rendered and goals and objectives to be achieved. The treatment process is strength-based and strives to actively engage each client in his/her recovery process.

How We Help: Group therapy is provided twice a week for 90 minutes. Some of the topics discussed in group include relapse prevention, coping skills, stress management, 12 step problem solving, self esteem, taking responsibility for choice, positive attitude and conflicts and triggers. Urine screens are provided twice a week to monitor progress and compliance. Clients must also attend one 60 minute individual therapy session per week. Types of therapies and interventions used are; cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, rational emotive therapy and person centered therapy. Average length of stay is 6 months, however clients may participate for shorter or longer periods of time, as clinically indicated.