Resources For Parents

Interested in becoming a foster parent or an adoptive parent? Please contact Citrus Family Care Network or visit their webpage at for more information.

A Resource Guide on Child Development and Other Helpful Tips for Caregivers

Consumer and Family Resource Manual
For Families in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties

Managing Behavior: Children with ADHD and Other Special Needs – Foster Parent Training Slide Show
by Dr. Terilee Wunderman

10 Things Foster Parents Wish Their Case Managers Knew
Confessions of a Parent Blog

Larkin Street Stories: Resource Video for LGBTQ YouthThe 15-minute video highlights, from a youth perspective, information, resources, and recommended practices for supporting youth who identify as nongender or transgender.

Cherish Adoptive Families
A Miami/South Florida support group for individuals and families considering adoption and for parents who have already adopted.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Prepare now for a sudden emergency- Learn how to protect yourself and cope with disaster by planning ahead.

Helping Children Prepare for Hurricane Season
Tips on how to reduce children’s anxiety when it comes to preparing for storms.

Internet Security Tips for Parents with Teenagers
Several easy ways for you and your children to protect yourselves online.

Helpful Links for the School Year
Resources for parents of students in Miami-Dade Public Schools

Legal Resources for Special Needs

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling

Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive

Teacher Resources for Special Needs

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs

Disability and Credit Scores

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor

Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home

Financial Planning for Special Needs

Free Support and Useful Resources to individuals and families who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other disabilities

New Resource To Support College Students Who Experienced Foster Care During School Breaks

Cerebral Palsy Guide Is A National Support Organization Dedicated To Educating Individuals And Families About Cerebral Palsy

Financial Empowerment for Youth Who Have Aged Out of Foster Care

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Sensory Overload

Difference Between Child Discipline And Abuse

My Florida My Family

Raising Children With ADHD

Winnie’s Explore Daycares

Adapting a Home for Disability Accessibility

Financial Independence for Individuals with IDD

Driving With a Neurological Disability