Human Trafficking Specialist/Child Dependency Full Case Manager


  • The Human Trafficking Court Specialist will provide Full Case Management Services to victims of human trafficking and their families who are involved in the child welfare system.  The Human Trafficking Court Specialist performs multiple roles as point person, advocates, and facilitates communication in order to help the victim and their family navigate the social service system.
  • The effectiveness of case management depends on the Human Trafficking Court Specialist’s ability to establish rapport and a trusting relationship with the trafficking victim and his/her family, identify and access local, state, and federal resources to address the victim’s needs comprehensively.
  • The Children in the caseload may or may not have an open Court case.
  • The Human Trafficking Court Specialist shall have a working knowledge of Florida Statutes Chapter 39 and shall be able to properly manage and organize court appearances, service provisions, drafting of all necessary documents, and compliance with all other statutory and agency requirements.


  • FCMS shall have a master’s degree in social work or a related area of study from an accredited college or university and at least two years of experience in human services or child welfare programs. A bachelor’s degree in social work from an accredited college or university or related area of study and four years of experience in human services or child welfare programs may be substituted. A doctorate in social work or a related area of study may be substituted for one year of the required experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Full Case Management and Dependency System in Miami- Dade County, Florida.
  • Familiarity with the Child Welfare Dependency System in Miami Dade County. Familiarity with Child Welfare and Child Welfare related computer programs.


  • Must have a valid driver license and good driving history
  • Must currently be certified with the Florida Board of Certification as a CWCM, CWP, or CWPI.
  • Please go to for your certification status, before applying to the position.
  • If you are not currently certified you will not be considered for this position.


  • Must be computer literate and able to use all case management electronic systems.
  • Must have good listening, communication and writing skills.
  • Must be willing to learn.
  • Must be willing and able to work well with others and cooperate in the sharing of resources and information to obtain the final work product.

Specific Areas of Responsibility to Position:

  1. Complies with all statutory and legal requirements of case management;
  2. Complies with all staffing requirements developed by Child Welfare Legal Services (CWLS) attorneys, Our Kids Intake and other departmental staff as well as any other entity whose collaboration is necessary for the best interests of the Client;
  3. Conducts initial and ongoing assessments;
  4. Prepares individualized service planning;
  5. Identifies service gaps and refers Clients to appropriate resources and services that are client-centered, evidence-based and trauma-informed;
  6. Participates in clinical case conference reviews to review the progress, needs, and impediments to safety;
  7. Performs and documents in the proper venue monthly home visits for each client;
  8. Prepares chronological notes on a timely basis and ensure proper documentation of all activities related to the Client’s case;
  9. Addresses the Client’s needs in a timely manner, e.g., effectuates all changes of placements promptly and efficiently;
  10. Ensures that the Client’s needs are being met by ongoing regular discussions with other service providers for the client, e.g., targeted case managers, therapists, school personnel etc.;
  11. Prepares all necessary documentation for in Court presentation including but not limited to:  Diligent Searches, Case Plans, Judicial Review/Social Studies/Reports, Pre-Dispositional Reports, Termination of Supervision Reports, Status Reports and any other documentation needed and/or requested by the Court;
  12. Prepares documentation to demonstrate to the Court the agency’s continued efforts to provide services for the Client and the family;
  13. Conducts home-studies for the purpose of out of town inquiries;
  14. Provides Courtesy Supervision once approved by the Lead Agency;
  15. Completes Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) packages and ensures proper submission and compliance with all pertinent regulations;
  16. Ensures that all necessary services for the Client’s are in place, e.g., medical screenings, therapeutic services, cursory exams, tutoring etc. and when necessary drive the Client to required appointments;
  17. Maintains current automobile insurance and a valid drivers’ license.  Full Case Managers shall utilize their own vehicles for the occasional transportation of clients.  Therefore, the Full Case Manager shall notify his/her immediate supervisor of any situation causing his/her license to be suspended and/or his/her insurance coverage to lapse;
  18. Assists the Child Welfare Legal Services Attorney in all Termination of Parental Rights proceedings;
  19. Prepares and submits adoption packages and follows-up with process to ensure prompt resolution;
  20. Timely completes all assignments as requested by Full Case Management Supervisors and/or Administrators;
  21. Performs and documents monthly home visits to every child assigned to his/her caseload.
  22. Prepares timely and thoroughly to appear before Circuit Court Judges on a regular basis and properly represents the Agency.
  23. Articulates to the Court the status of the child, the family, and the basis for any recommendation that the Full Case Manager makes to the Court.
  24. Maintains responsibility for all aspects of social work regarding every child and family assigned to his/her caseload.
  25. Participates in the agency’s Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Program;
  26. Remains current in the field of service through webinars, trainings, and conferences as approved by Supervisor and Director;
  27. Contributes to the understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity within the agency and the community;
  28. Complies with all relevant JCAHO standards and regulations;
  29. Utilizes the agency’s resources in a fiscally conservative manner; and
  30. Performs other duties as assigned by Full Case Management Supervisor, including On-Call responsibilities.

Email resumes to with the subject line: Human Trafficking Specialist/Full Case Manager – Applicant Name.